About us

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Heritage Animal Hospital is to fulfill the needs of clients by providing quality pet health care services through a responsive, professional staff with the emphasis on individual attention and commitment to our clients, their pets, and our community. We will never be the reason a pet does not have the opportunity for the best care veterinary medicine has to offer.

Hospital Philosophy

We are the spokesperson for the pet. It’s our professional, moral, and ethical responsibility to tell clients what their pet needs and to teach them what to do to keep their pets healthy. If our clients follow the preventive health care program we recommend, and purchase what is needed to prevent disease, the pet will live a longer life – 18 years being our minimum goal. With preventive care, the pet will be easier to care for- and the client will be able to avoid expensive emergencies and disease. We will perform thorough physical examinations attempting to catch any and all problems, thus allowing us to treat, cure, or manage diseases insuring a quality lifestyle for our patients and owners. We will never assume the client is aware of all the services the pet needs and/or we can provide.

We will provide them with information and education on all options available but we will allow the client to decide what level of preventive health care they wish and can afford to provide for their pets. It is our obligation to offer all clients the best pet health care available and then follow their requests for services.

Our Staff
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