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Charra Sweeney-Reeves DVM


Dr. Charra Sweeney-Reeves was born in Paducah KY and has worked around a veterinary clinic since age 12 with her aunt (also a veterinarian). She has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from University of North Carolina-Wilmington. She worked as a veterinary technician for 15 years before receiving her DVM in 1999 from the University of Georgia. She has been in Savannah for many years, and after graduating from UGA worked at the Bremer clinic for 2 years before starting a mobile veterinary business. She then discovered how she can make a difference in pet health care and in Dr Charra’s own words: "My belief is that oral care may well be the biggest impact I can make in a pets life". Since that realization she has been focused solely on pet dentistry.